The Toybox Talks Garbage Pail Kids

I get a monthly subscription update from Phantom of the Attic ( one of the local comic shops in the Pittsburgh area) and one of the comic books set to release in July features the Garbage Pail Kids.

Garbage Pail Kids were a set of stickers released by Topps in the early to mid 80s as a spoof of the Cabbage Patch Kids (which I just learned while making this thread). The Garbage Pail Kids would prove to be a hit, which would lead to a live action movie in 1987. Recently, Funko would release a set of Garbage Pail Kids Blind Bag Figurines. WWE and GPK would team up to release mash up figures of popular Superstars. I have seen them at the local Walmart and I always tell myself I should buy one but then I end up changing my mind (one day soon, I’ll stick to my guns and purchase one).

We are opening up the Toybox today to discuss the Garbage Pail Kids, just try not to get slime everywhere. Do you have a favorite character? If you cant pick just one, who would be in your Top 5? Did you collect the cards growing up? My family and I did? How could something so cute, cuddly, and gross stand the passages of time and still remain relevant in 2022?