The Thursday Politics Thread Has Dirt On All Of YA

Mornin’ Politocadoes!,

Blackmail is such an ugly word. Which is why Bender prefers extortion. In either case, it’s the holding of incriminating information over an individual in order to coerce them towards a certain desired course of action. Usually, the blackmailer informs their victim of this information prior to release but sometimes it’s just used to bury someone who has really pissed the blackmailer off.

Enter Representative Madison Cawthorne from North Carolina. The paraplegic gun nut serial sexual harasser (we Stan a diverse fascist far-right GOP) has skedaddled straight into the crosshairs of the Republican party by being too open about some of their activities. See, he appeared on a small right wing podcast on youtube, where he described being invited to cocaine and sex parties by sitting members of Congress and other members of the DC elite. This, since it’s more than likely true, has left the GOP pretty ticked off with him. He’s already done a number of boneheaded things like support the Insurrection, or repeatedly get detained at airports trying to bring a loaded gun onto a flight. With him already being primaried by rivals, the GOP resolved to bury him.

All of a sudden, all sorts of stuff started coming out about the embattled congressman. Photos of Cawthorne dressed in women’s lingerie drunk at a party, his involvement with an Anti-Biden cryptocurrency that he may have used insider knowledge to make a mint off of, a video of him detailing how he met an American soldier in Russia who would introduce him to his fiancee, and finally, a video of him engaged in an intimate fashion with his male scheduler (who may or may not be his cousin).

Now, none of these more salacious stories are all that important in the grand scheme of things. Crossdressing is fine, they’re just shaming him, consent issues (also maybe incest??) aside having an intimate same sex relationship shouldn’t be something used to torpedo a political career. But it does and it will. None of this would shame Cawthorne into, say, having better political views or just being a better person; he’s an entitled shitbird that believes he can say one thing and do another. Reality is, this is extremely ugly. It’s petty and vengeful. It’s also probably one of the reasons why the GOP falls in line so easily. Wiser, and perhaps more established, politicians know they have the dirt and if you talk about their stuff, it’s open season. Cawthorne was acting like he was already untouchable and now he’s paying the price.

Cawthorne ought to be ridden out on a rail for any one of a number of reasons since he is an awful person. I personally point to his support of the Insurrection and the insider trading on the Let’s Go Brandon coin. He shouldn’t even be on the ballot as far as I’m concerned. These are the things that should be making them lose support among their base. Cawthorne may well lose in the primaries, probably to someone just as bad, I just wish it was for better reasons.

Here’s Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, the Democrat running for his seat. Sure would be nice to see the GOP infighting result in her winning.

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