MST3000 Season 13 Premier Countdown Extravaganza 3000 Day 5!

Hi everybody, welcome to the Satellite of Love! As you may be aware, Mystery Science Theater 3000 successfully Kickstarted and filmed its 13th season last year. The first three episodes of this new season will premiere in the not-too-distant-future of this Friday AD, exclusively at, a new streaming service for all things MST. Today, it’s the freestyle competition. Feel free to quote any riff, joke, weird moment, or anything else from the show that pops into your mind.

Bonus Prompt: MST3000 has made a ton of obscure references over the years, to pop culture, literature, history, and even weird Minnesotan landmarks. (Come to de Dells! Ride de dukes!) Have you ever looked up a riff to see what the heck it was they were talking about? As you’ve absorbed more pop culture knowledge yourself, did you ever have an “Oh, so that’s the joke!” moment rewatching an old episode?