MST3000 Season 13 Premier Countdown Extravaganza 3000 Day 4!

Hi everybody, welcome to the Satellite of Love! As you may be aware, Mystery Science Theater 3000 successfully Kickstarted and filmed its 13th season last year. The first three episodes of this new season will premiere in the not-too-distant-future of next Friday AD, exclusively at, a new streaming service for all things MST. Today, it’s time to talk about the movies. Which one’s your favorite? Which one’s most improved by the MST treatment? Have you ever sought one out after seeing it on MST3000? Is there one you can’t watch even with the riffing?

Bonus prompt: How ’bout them shorts? Those one-reel wonders that give us a glimpse into a past where people just sort of blindly listened to disembodied authoritative voices. They’ve certainly made for some of the most memorable jokes in the series, (“Ahh, flying elves are back!”) so which ones do you love the most?