MST3000 Season 13 Premier Countdown Extravaganza 3000 Day 3!

Hi everybody, welcome to the Satellite of Love! As you may be aware, Mystery Science Theater 3000 successfully Kickstarted and filmed its 13th season last year. The first three episodes of this new season will premiere in the not-too-distant-future of next Friday AD, exclusively at, a new streaming service for all things MST. Today, it’s time to talk about the Mads. Three generations of Forresters, each more mad and devious than the last, have toiled tirelessly in search of the ultimate bad movie to unleash on an unwitting public and rule the world! With the help of their various lackeys, toadies, and whipping boys, they’ve advanced the field of mad science immeasurably these past 30+ years. (Although they’ve never published. Shame.)

So who’s your favorite mad scientist and second banana? What’s your favorite moment with them?

Bonus Prompt: Both the SOL and Deep 13/The Moon/Deep Space/Castle Forrester/Roman Times/Planet Of The Apes Earth/etc have been visited by a number of unique characters over the years. Which guest appearance on the show is your favorite? Torgo? Mr. B Natural? Pitch? Nuveena, Woman of the Future? PT Mindslap? Michael Feinstein? Who, dammit? WHO?!