Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (5/3)

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This week, Sam Raimi makes his amazing and spectacular return to the superhero genre with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Raimi, of course, was right there at the beginning of the superhero movie boom… with a little film called Darkman.

Sam Raimi originally wanted to direct The Shadow, but couldn’t work out the rights issues. He did the second best thing: slap Liam Neeson in dirty bandages for his first action role. Neeson was drawn to the role as he wanted to play a monster with the soul of a man. Part pulp adventure, part classic Universal monster movie, the film reflected the dark world of superheroes in the early 90’s where violence was the answer and anti-heroes were all the rage. The film cemented Raimi’s genre bonafides in a post-Batman world.

Oh, and he also directed some Spider-Man movie or something.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! (To the day, in fact! Spider-Man came out May 3, 2002.). To me, Spider-Man is when superheroes emerged from that 90’s Batman/Darkman era of tortured anti-heroes and into our glorious current age of superhero films. It’s only fitting that Spider-Man is now canonically part of the MCU. All you had to do was get a director who was a big fan of the source material. Who knew?

Oh, and it also contains the greatest movie kiss ever.

From Evil Dead to … The Quick and the Dead, Raimi has played around with several popular genres and come out with crowd pleasing classics and cult favorites.

Bonus prompt: what is your favorite Sam Raimi film?