The Day Thread is Falling, Falling

This month’s Open Thread theme is Underrated Songs from 80s Movies.

First up is I’m Falling by The Comsat Angels from their album 7 Day Weekend released in 1985.

The MovieReal Genius (1985)

The Scene – The montage sequence featuring Mitch (Gabe Jarett) as he tirelessly attends classes and spends every waking moment working on a laser prototype. He also tries to solve the mystery of Hollyfeld and the closet conundrum.

I recently re-watched Real Genius and this movie has a pretty awesome soundtrack. The movie makes me long for the days of college and the friends I made at the University of Pittsburgh back in the early 2000s.

Something to Discuss – Feel free to post a memory from high school or college in the comment section.

Bonus Discussion – Should they have made a sequel to Real Genius? Why or why not?