Comic Book Chat – Star Wars

May the 4th is next week so in preparation and celebration of all things Star Wars, we are taking a trip to a galaxy far, far, away for today’s chat.

From Marvel to Dark Horse to Marvel to IDW back to Dark Horse, comic fans have been able to enjoy adventures from the Golden Age of the Sith to the High Republic era as well as the post ROTJ and The Force Awakens years.

We will discuss your favorite titles that have hit the comic racks from the 70s to today. Recommendations are welcome because I’m sure we may have missed a title or two along the way.

Which characters need a spinoff series or deserve to be brought back in the comics?

What would a Marvel Universe vs Star Wars Crossover look like? I’m thinking at least a showdown between Doom and Vader! What other unlikely crossovers would you want to see? Maybe Tag and Bink and Booster Gold and Blue Beetle?

Feel free to bring some topics to the table for discussion today in the comment section.

It’s going to be a great time as we salute and celebrate all things Star Wars!