The Book Nook, Not Sane, Stood by Itself Against Its Hills, Holding Darkness Within (4/20)

Welcome to the Book Nook! The weekly thread for all book nerds on The Avocado.
This is the place to talk about books you’re currently reading, discuss genres, ask for recommendations, and post serious literary criticism.

This week’s Book Nook is all about Gothic fiction, for no particular reason other than that I’m in a Gothic fiction mood, and I love the genre. Gothic fiction encompasses many different subgenres, which can usually be connected by a book’s focus on elaborate architecture, and being haunted (in many different ways) by the past. So if your novel has ghosts in a castle it’s definitely Gothic, but the books of William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor, with their settings of decayed surroundings would apply as well.

The reason why I gravitate towards Gothic fiction so much is because there’s usually the (slightly) grotesque, and a strong sense of history within those books, which I’ve always enjoyed reading about. That’s what you get when you read horror from a very early age, though obviously the Gothic genre can be much broader than that.

With that in mind, recommend to the rest of us your favorite Gothic novel (the more obscure the better).

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