AvocaD&D and Tabletop Gaming: Transported, Week 3

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This week’s subclass topic is the Death Domain Cleric, which is actually found the Dungeon Master’s Guide. This domain is most suited for an evil character, or even for an NPC that the heroes will fight. Deities of the Death domain are concerned with the forces that cause death and the negative energy that produce undeath, and can embody murder, pain, disease, and the underworld. Death Clerics are most likely leaders of evil cults with nefarious purposes.

As a Cleric of the Death domain, you gain access to a list of Domain Spells are you gain levels in this class. These spells become available as you level up, and once a spell is available this way it is automatically prepared each day and doesn’t count against the number of spells you can prepare. Death Domain Spells include False Life and Ray of Sickness at 1st level, Blindness/Deafness and Ray of Enfeeblement at 3rd, Animate Dead and Vampiric Touch at 5th, Blight and Death Ward at 7th, and Antilife Shell and Cloudkill at 9th level.

At 1st level, you gain proficiency with martial weapons, and your Reaper ability also allows you to learn one necromancy cantrip from any spell list.1 In addition, when you cast a necromancy cantrip that normally targets only one creature, you can choose to target two creatures that are within 5 feet of each other, provided both are in range for your spell.

At level 2, you can use your Channel Divinity feature to deliver a Touch of Death to an opponent. When you hit a creature with a melee attack, you can deal additional necrotic damage to the target equal to 5 plus twice your Cleric level. Remember that you can only use Channel Divinity once per rest at this level, so this is not something you’ll be using every round.

At 6th level, your magic can cause Inescapable Destruction. Necrotic damage you deal with your spells or Channel Divinity feature ignores resistance to necrotic damage.

At level 8, your Divine Strikes are infused with negative energy. Once per turn, when you hit with a weapon attack, you can deal an additional 1d8 necrotic damage to the target. This additional damage increases to 2d8 when you reach level 14. Note that Divine Strike damage can stack with the extra damage from Touch of Death.2

Finally at 17th level, your Improved Reaper ability allows you target multiple creatures with certain spells. Any necromancy spell you cast of 5th level or lower that normally targets only one creature can instead target two creatures that are within 5 feet of each other. Both creatures must be within the spell’s range, and if the spell consumes its material components, you must provide those components for each target.

Players and Characters

We’re playing through a homebrew story put together and DM’d by TheHayesCode! This story is set in the world of Eberron, and concerns the fates of a group of convicts sentenced with transportation to the exotic continent of Xen’Drik. Here’s a brief run-down of the PCs (all Level 3):

  • Kalanyl, a Drow Cleric (Grave Domain) of the scorpion-god Vulkoor and our native guide on Xen’Drik, played by Wafflicious 
  • Vic Lustig, a nondescript-by-design Human Sorcerer (Wild Magic) counterfeiter, played by JosephusBrown 
  • Bulwark, a Warforged Paladin of the Silver Flame (Oath of Redemption), played by TheCleverGuy 
  • Higgins, a malfunctioning Warforged Barbarian (Path of Ancestral Guardian), played by Spiny Creature 
  • Zumira, a Goblin Wizard (Order of Scribes) serial killer, played by The Wasp 
  • Jo Bean, a very young-looking Human Rogue with a bad attitude, played by Otto

Spiny Creature wrote this week’s game recap in the form of a journal entry from Higgins. Thanks, Spiny!

Against the Grung

Marie the cook said when I start to go on the fritz, I should rite down my feelings. She said she learnd it from a “gooroo” who gives self-help semanars at the chicken shop next to the bridge.

I have never met a gooroo and I do not like to rite, so I did not take her idea before. I am taking her idea now because Mr. Tomollan is mad at me and let me get sent to a jail island.

When I think about how I failed and humillated humalyated humiliated myself so badly that Mr. Tomollan sent me to a jail island, I always want to go on the fritz. I cant talk to Marie about it because everyone is so mad at me, so I am going to try her gooroo’s idea.

Her gooroo also said he can cure Marie’s venereal disease3 with “cristal energy” but I cant get diseases especially not venereal ones. I hope his other ideas, like riting down your feelings, are more useful for me.

Today was hard because Dale who is another prisoner here got captured by frog people called Grung. I did not no Dale so I did not care that he was gone. But the chaplen here and some other high ranking people wanted me to help get him back so I did it.

It took a wile to find the Grung frog camp but we did it. Their village is built on the shell of a dead snail that was very massive, like the size of a tarask tersk terrasque. They had wooden spiral stairs all over the shell to let them go up and down it.

Even though the frog people are the prison’s enemies and take captives from the prison I thought their village was very cool and way better than the prison.

Since the Grung village was cool and built on top of a snail, some people in our group did not want to kill them. Personily I did not care and would have killed them all, but Jo tried to offer a trade.

After Jo offered a trade, Jo remembered we did not acshully have things to trade, so Vic made allusions of some stuff with a spell called Minor Allusion.4

The Grung only offered the bones of a pig they had stolen from our camp, but since they had already eaten the pig that was no good to anybody, so trading was not going very well. A big orange frog in a loincloth who looked like the Grung chief came out, and Vic tricked him by getting close enough to blast him with a cold spell.

Vic’s cold spell killed two Grung and froze another one in place. But doing that spell made him go on the fritz himself, because he seemed to overheat like me and blasted all of us, including his own group. Later when he said sorry he called it a “wild magic surge” but I call it being a bad team player.

Jo shot the watchfrog on patrol before he could raise the alarm, but then the chief’s gross frog throat sac swelled up and he chirped at her until she was stunned.

After that things became really bad for me because two frogs cast spells that covered the ground in overgrown plants and spikes so we couldnt move. And I was so far away that I couldnt hit anybody, I had to just throw all of my javelins at them as far as I could.

Vic has a ring that lets him leap around like a frog. He jumped out of the plants and spikes into the shallow water. Some frogs hit him with poison arrows but I guess poison doesnt hurt him at all? I think thats strange because Vic’s just a regular human. He has even said “Oh, me? I’m just a regular human man” a couple times, which makes me think it’s dafinitely true.

The chief kept hopping away from Bulwark which made Bulwark pretty mad, so Bulwark cast a spell to make the chief duel with him. Me and Zumira killed the frogs attacking Vic and Kalanyl killed the chief.

At the end of the fight a bugbear lady came out of a hut and seemed very very confused. Bulwark lay his hands on her to heal her and it turned out she was another captive of the Grung. Grung skin is covered in poison and she was confused from sniffing it for so long.

When she wasn’t confused anymore she said her name was Septa and that she was a guard at the prison until she got captured. I checked the other hut for more captives and found Dale, the man we were looking for. He was unconchious unconsensus asleep, so I brought him to Kalanyl for healing.

Inside the snail shell Vic also found some treasure and some papers in a language nobody could read, even Zumira who really loves reading and her book.

I still do not like being on the jail island but at least I am being given something to do. Maybe when we head back to the prison with Dale and tell the warden what a good job we did, she will reward us. I just hope, with all of the ticks in that forest, that the organic people in our group did not get Lime Disease.