Praise the Gods in this Weekly Games Thread

Chag Sameach, everyone! Welcome to Monday’s Weekly Video Games Thread.

We’re right in the middle of Passover, everyone, and having just hosted this year’s virtual Seder (it’s past midnight by me), I’m rather in the spirit. I was thinking of a prompt about the way JRPGs appropriate Abrahamic myths for their characters, but then I kept getting off track about how Sephiroth should totally be a Superman villain. They’re both Hebrew-coded übermenschen with alien powers who fight an evil corporation and, if you count Cloud’s Kingdom Hearts redesign, have a charged relationship with a guy themed around bats. I’m totally right about this!

Anyway, here’s our actual, perhaps even less on-holiday, prompt: favorite video game gods and mythological pantheons. This can be for an adaptation of a real life religious cosmology; I doubt I’m the only one who’d place the Greek Gods of Hades as their answer. But there’s also entirely fictional cosmologies, like the complicated hierarchy in The Elder Scrolls. I’ve loved, for one thing, the quiet simplicity of Zelda‘s trinity based around virtues that bend into physical concepts (power is fire and earth, courage is wind, etc.). And, of course, that’s only a spectrum, where God of War or Age of Mythology pair different mythologies while Kid Icarus wonderfully bastardizes only one.

If I’m being upfront, this actually has nothing to do with Passover. I’ve had this title written in a Textedit document along with other stock titles, probably for well over a year. But it seems fitting, and, well, I am pretty tired. Plus, it’s fun that we’ll get to dive into the mythologies within our stories. I mean, it sure gives us another opportunity to talk about Elden Ring, right?

And, as always, what games have you played this weekend?