Havlicek Stole The Day Thread!  

On April 15th 1965 at the Boston  Garden during the closing seconds of the decisive Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals between heated rivals  the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers one of the greatest moments in NBA history occurred 

 Up by just one point with five seconds left all the Celtics had to do was to put the ball in play and keep hold of it until time ran out  However Celtics’ Bill Russell made a critical mistake while trying to make an inbound pass over 7’ 1” tall Sixers center Wilt Chamberlain, he hit the  backboard’s guidewire; turning the  the ball over to Philadelphia. All the  76ers had to do was inbound the ball, and a try  for relatively easy shot to take the lead. 

 From the offensive back line, while  Russell closely guarded  Chamberlain,  Sixers guard Hal Greer  attempted the inbound pass to forward Chet Walker. Celtic’s  small forward John Havlicek  made his move…