The Book Nook Goes Local (4/13)

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In the Netherlands it happens to be Book Week (or Boekenweek, we’re not adventurous with language as I’m sure I’ve told before). Though normally held in March it was postponed due to Covid this year, the Book Week is essentially a celebration of the Dutch written word, done through promotions in book stores and libraries throughout the country. It also gives anyone who spends over a certain amount of money on a Dutch book the Book Week Gift, a novella written especially for this Book Week by a famous Dutch author, related to the subject of that year’s Book Week (every year the subject changes, this year it’s Your First Love). Usually they’re not very good but hey, it’s a free book! On the final Sunday of the Book Week this book also allows you to travel by train for free (why yes we are very twee).

Now of course I’m curious as to what local peculiar book promotions or events you have?

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