You’ll Love the Night Thread’s Toxic Love

Ferngully: The Last Rainforest turned 30 this week. It’s an animated eco-friendly adventure about a curious young fairy who befriends a human after she accidentally shrinks him down to her tiny size. The villain of the movie is Hexxus, some sort of…demonic thing that thrives off of pollution and is voiced by Tim Curry.

A highlight of the film is his song, “Toxic Love”–which might be one of the most sexual musical numbers in any animated movie, even if it’s not technically about sex. Curry sings as though he’s touching himself the entire time, oozing about sludge and slime as though they are the most arousing things on the planet.

Believe it or not, the extended version on the soundtrack is somehow even hornier–it literally includes the word “horny”! It uses slightly different instrumentals as well, making it sound more like a Burlesque number…

Have a SLIMY night, everyone!