Let’s Talk Arrowverse – To Catch a Flame Predator

Wow, Superman & Lois is having so many mini-hiatuses, it feels almost like they should have just scheduled it as a bi-weekly series.

That leaves just The Flash this week, and as someone who’s watched and analyzed this show for a long time … this ep is concerning. It seems like it’s falling into that old, familiar pattern, where Team Flash comes up with a plan to stop the Big Bad, they fail, and they vow that next time, they’ll get it right.

As a one-off occurrence, there’s nothing wrong with that. But previous seasons have had a fondness for repeating those same plot points over and over and over again until the season becomes a slog. I really hope that’s not what’s gonna happen here.

Was bugged by all the harping on Frost for risking her life. Like, every time one of these characters fights a supervillain, they’re putting their life at risk. So suddenly acting like Frost’s cavalier reaction to almost dying is a problem, when 99% of the time that’s how everyone reacts to near-death scenarios … felt weird.

I thought we were finally gonna get some explanation for what Iris’s time sickness is all about. Not necessarily the cause of it or anything like that, but just a solid explanation of what even the symptoms are supposed to be. Instead, this episode continues the trend from last season of “time sickness” being a dashed off excuse for Iris to be separated from the main plot. At least that person-vanishing at the end was a kinda freaky and cool.

Question of the Week: Which two characters have the weirdest familial relationship?