Weekly Wrestling Thread Is Very Tired

-NXT tag champ Nash Carter released through old Hitler snapchat photo which was the end of a week long of twitter weirdness between his friend and his wife ex-IMPACT and NXT wrestler Kimber Lee
-Gable Steveson as expected appeared at wrestlemania
-Westlemania big celeb matches went off well, overall review is this was a good mania with a bad main on the second night.
-Cody came back to fight Seth Rollins
-Owens vs Austin was kinda real match
-Randy Orton: “God, I miss Daniel Bryan. I wish he was still here.”

-Samoe Joe does a run in at Super Card of Honor is signed both to Ring of Honor and AEW
-Super card of honor did 20.000+ ppv buys. Previous none Tony Kahn ROH ppv’s for the last years were around a thousand. This doesn’t even weight in the Honor Club buys.

Other companies:
-Loads of indie shows around the weekend
-Buff Bagwell was in the clusterfuck, hang out with Nick Gage