The Night Thread Celebrates The 2019 Academy Awards

I have no date significance for this subject, but I felt as if this year’s Oscars were really, really awful, and I wanted to go back a few years to the last great slate of candidates. The Academy Awards for 2019 was a slate of really solid films and performances. Check out the Best Picture nominees.


Ford vs Ferrari*

The Irishman

Jojo Rabbit*


Little Women

Marriage Story

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood


I’ve seen almost all of those films, barring the ones with an asterisk. I could have lived with any one of those winning. The one which won, Parasite, was the best of a superlative bunch. My second choice would have been Little Women, which I just bought on BluRay. I was hoping Criterion would release it, but I’ll just have to wait longer. I already own the Criterion edition of Parasite.

The rest of the awards were pretty solid, too. The only real dud was Toy Story 4 winning Best Animated Feature. Yuck. I can’t believe there wasn’t a better choice.

But this is all very random. I just enjoyed the above films very much. I suggest you try one of them which you haven’t already. You’re almost guaranteed an enjoyable experience.

Which of the above films is your favorite?