Spoil Sports: The Owl House, Season 2, Episode 13, “Any Sport in a Storm”

Official plot summary: “Hunter goes undercover at Hexside for his most important mission yet. Willow becomes determined to succeed at an exciting new sport.”

Willow really hasn’t been able to do anything this season on the show, but that looks to change this week as she and Hunter (apparently) finally meet. For better or for worse, “Huntlow” is a thing in the shipping community for this series, so expect plenty of fanfiction to spring from this one. Sure, Willow and Hunter probably don’t even know the other exists (unless Luz has told Willow about her adventure with him), but when has that ever stopped a fandom?

It’s unclear how Hunter expects going “undercover” at Hexside to end well for him, given that he’s met both Luz and Amity, so one of them is likely to recognize him. But maybe they’ll be too busy cheering Willow on for her “exciting new sport” to notice. Also, according to a recent charity stream, Hunter’s cardinal Palisman is supposedly named “Flapjack”….which is kind of sweet and hilarious.

Happy spoiling, y’all!