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The Friday Politics Thread is A Fool In April

Hey it’s Friday and I forgot to make a header so here’s some music I like instead. Now how is that for a prank y’all?

Song one is Lawrence’s song Make A Move an incredibly fun song about a lady working up the courage and working past societal expectations to ask a guy she likes out!

Song Two is Savanna by The Cliks (our trans artist if the week) this swingy song of seduction is a lot of fun and frontman Lucas Silveria’s voice is amazing!

Song Three is a thick sludgy cover of Blondie’s Call Me by the fantastic Chipmunks On 16 Speed. The covers album Sludgefest is on YouTube and it’s one of my favorites.

That’s all of the prank I got for the header! I might pop in the comments with more music. But for now remember the four rules: No Hog Poggling, No Squirrel Fighting, Support Your Local Clam Fighter and Be Excellent To Each Other.