The Weekly Wrestling Thread (3/25) Is All About The HEEEAAAAATTTTTT

Welcome to this week’s pro wrestling thread. Feel free to drop news items, talk about recent shows or….it’s up to you, really! Make this a good thread.

A disturbing trend I’ve seen recently (and perhaps it’s just wrestling as a whole) is how everyone seems destined to always have heels win by cheating. Every time. While yes, cheating is basic practice for pro wrestling heels, it’s best when more subtle rather than inevitable.

There’s New Japan Pro Wrestling and the absolutely terrible House of Torture moments that will continue until morale (and the crowd) improve. There’s WWE’s general 50/50 booking and inability to make babyfaces look competent at all. And now, I fear AEW has become very lazy about this as well. How many times is Adam Cole (baby) going to win after endless interference and nut shots? (Though I will say anyone countering the Lethal Injection with such a move gets my praise because seriously, what a dumb finisher.)

AEW’s women’s division, which I try to be wishy-washy about because there’s potential that’s just not being realized, is the same way. Months and months and months of a Britt Baker title reign where she would be bailed out by endless interference from Reba and Jamie Hayter. Such having yet another heavy interference finish creating the only dud on an otherwise stellar card for Revolution 2022. But now she’s no longer champion, perhaps we can…

…oh we can’t. Because there must be HEAT. There must be the useless (MAGA) Vickie Guerrero spouting out racist promos toward Thunder Rosa, the new face champion. A champion who’s injured. I wouldn’t hate Nyla with the belt, she deserves a better run. But not like this.

So all in all, pro wrestling. Be better. There has to be better methods of making people hate bad guys rather than endless interference and racism. Don’t do it just for the HEEEEAAAAT.

I now leave you with a moment of zen.