The Night Thread Burns It All Down (3/25)

We end our self-indulgent series with the most self-indulgent article of them all. Chain Burn is a deck that’s been around Yu-Gi-Oh forever, popping up here and there when the conditions are just right. Unlike a lot of similar games burn is not a common strategy in Yu-Gi-Oh, meaning when it sees success it tends to do so by preying on unprepared opponents, who either don’t know the ins and outs of how the deck functions or else don’t have the right cards to interact with it. Naturally, this makes a lot of players super salty about Chain Burn and other similar decks.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is how, way back in 2012, I took Chain Burn to a YCS1 and made the Top 32! I was in 2nd place after the Swiss rounds, but sadly lost in the first round of the single-elimination playoffs. I’d share the deck profile I did at the event, but I don’t want a thumbnail with my dead name staring at me all night. Basically the main thing I did special was run Wattcobra, a cheeky little guy that can attack your opponent directly even if they have monsters (dealing 1000 damage when it does). It’s the deck that gave me my one shining moment of glory in competitive Yu-Gi-Oh!, and thus it will always be special to me.

My decklist! Despite what this screenshot says I did run an Extra Deck, but none of the contents mattered. It was just there so my opponent didn’t immediately think “oh she’s not playing an Extra Deck, what’s up with that?”