March Madness – Sweet 16 Thread

Thread for discussing March Madness’s Sweet 16 games.

Bracket Challenge Update: The second round ended with Combaticus’ Answer Key in first place with 460 points. In 2nd Place is Les Wynan, while Psmith and Mr. Plow are tied for 3rd. We’ve had a satisfactory amount of big upsets, but personally I hope chaos continues to shake these rankings up (since my bracket is pretty dead now).

I thought I’d take a quick look at how our Final Fours are doing. Immediate apologies if any counts are wrong, but it looks like 3 Participants still have their Final Four intact (Zvex Fuzz Factory, fireinarcade, and Giggles). 11 are sitting at 3/4 teams. 17 (half the group) are at 2/4. And 4 unlucky people (including me) only have one Final Four team. At least no one is at zero yet, but that’s probably sure to change this round.

You can track the ongoing state of the group here: