Weekly Video Games Thread is a Stupendous Man

Happy Monday, folks! It’s time for our Weekly Video Games Thread.

Prompt: video game superheroes. Many of us have our stories with the interactive adventures of Batman and Spider-Man, and I definitely want to hear the ones you want to tell, but I’m especially interested in superheroes who come from video games. There’s the Wonderful 100, Captain Rainbow, Destroyman, Wario-Man, and plenty more. What not-so-mild-mannered mortals of Mega-Might to hail from the world of video games are your favorites?

Alternatively, what superheroic mechanics would you like to see video games explore – or invent? Personally, I think that Shadow of Mordor‘s “Nemesis System,” where some enemies you kill are randomly picked to come back stronger, would be amazing for a game about an original superhero. You’d catch supervillains like a good caped hero, and some of them would be randomly chosen to escalate their schemes in increasingly wild ways – ways that could themselves evolve through random or directed paths. Maybe your ice-themed baddie decides to also adopt a style based around building super chilling deathtraps or throwing out snowy puzzles? You’d get to create a new rogues’ gallery every time you play!

As a side note, the 30-Day-Challenge is about video games this month, so check it out today!