ScratStitch Found Another Weird Local Commercial Night Thread

Local commercials are like miracles of nature. They’re something everyone makes fun of, yet people keep making them the exact same way, with the exact same level of production values, and the same batshit insane concepts. There’s something strangely enduring about them, as they are one of the few things in pop culture that normally exists without a hint of irony in their bodies. They just want to sell you on a local business, and they’ll use whatever stupid means at their disposal to pull it off.

Anyway here’s another “so bad it’s hilarious” gem, made at what appears to be an even lower budget than usual for these things. It’s for a bail bonds company of all things, and it involves a genie. Really, if that doesn’t scream “only in a local commercial” to you, I don’t know what will.

Have a great night, Avocados! And try to stay out of jail.