Comic Book Chat – Little (Comic) Shop of Horrors

I’m sure that we have had bad experiences at comic shops a time or two, so today we will be discussing the horror stories and encounters that make you wake up from a good night’s sleep in a panic, cold sweat dripping down your face.

A local comic shop was struggling and I decided to give them some business. Nothing major, a few extra books that I would have ordered online and have shipped to my apartment. Well, I would look for my books and the store owner didn’t have them, even though they were released. I thought nothing of it because they were indy titles and we were still coming out of the pandemic. He was disorganized and would have to rifle through stuff to look for my books. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. The final straw was on August 12 2021 when I went to get a few weeks worth of books and he literally walked up to the comic shelf and pulled the books I wanted and handed them to me. I calmly paid for my books and left and I sent the owner a message on Facebook.

I said, “I didn’t want to bring this up in front of the other customers today in the store but effective immediately, please stop pulling any books on my list for me. I’m sorry to have to do this to you but I’m frustrated at your lack of organization skills and the fact you didn’t have the books I wanted put off to the side for me. You had to look for the books on the rack while I stood there just makes it seem like I’m not a very important customer.”

His response – “I’m sorry but I understand.”

That was it. I have never returned to that local comic shop. When they set up at comic book conventions in the Pittsburgh area, I avoid their table at all costs.

Here is my story. Feel free to share yours in the comment section.