Sports Corner Gets Ready for March Madness

I don’t really follow college basketball these days. Too many programs, too many new faces, way too many games. and maybe a bit of disgust at a system that lionizes coaches over players and has only of late been forced to let players benefit from their fame. But come March, of course I am paying as much attention to the tourney as anyone else. (Or at least to the men’s tourney. I really need to start paying more attention to the women.) And every March, I turn the clock back to 1990, when I was out of college, out of work, and in front of the TV from noon till midnight the first day of the madness. I was seeing games in my sleep since then. It’s been ages since I followed it as intensely, and when I was out of work last year, I did not spend nearly that much of Thursday following things. But the lure of the NCAAs is still strong. Then as now, you never quite know what will happen that first weekend.

And if the college game isn’t your thing…

  • Aaron Rodgers stays, Russell Wilson goes.
  • Who is the MVP, Giannis, Nikola, Joel, or a dark horse?
  • The NBA and NHL seasons begin the wind-down.
  • The men who run Major League Baseball continue to lord it over the players as games start to be cancelled
  • RIP Shane Warne, cricket’s greatest.

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.