The Skimpleshanks the Railway Cat Night Thread is Loved by All

I recently watched 2019’s much-maligned Cats for the first time, and one thing it did was reawaken my love for the musical’s soundtrack. One of my very favorite songs from it is “Skimpleshanks the Railaway Cat”–a truly jolly ditty which is all about, well, a railway cat. And everyone loves him, as is demonstrated throughout the number.

The soundtrack for the movie is somewhat hit and miss–largely thanks to some poor execution on certain songs which don’t even really have to do with casting–but “Skimpleshanks the Railway Cat” is actually done quite well. It’s spectacular, rousing, and a whole lot of fun. I like it.

You could make the case that the song adds nothing to the plot, except that Cats has no plot, making that argument invalid.

Have a great night thread, Avocados! And for those of you who hate Cats, I’m sorry for making this a rough week for you.