Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

So, the Olympics are over (at least, I assume so? I didn’t watch them) and networks now feel like they can go back their regular programming again, which means new Arrowverse content for us to discuss!

Superman & Lois
I am not liking this “Jonathan does Kryptonite-steroids” thing. I think the problem is coupling Jonathan’s specific situation (only dude in his family without superpowers, feels left out and unimportant) with the slice-of-reality situation (football player turns to performance enhancing drugs). Jonathan’s dad has superpowers, which he uses to protect the world, and all Jordan’s efforts at training his powers have been towards broadly the same goal. So Jonathan doing stupid stuff to try to keep up with them, but only using it for something as petty as high school football … not a good look for him.

Legends of Tomorrow
The CW has not yet renewed Legends of Tomorrow. But they haven’t cancelled it yet, either. And no matter what, there’s still one more episode left in this season. I had to remind myself of that repeatedly this week, because this ep gave me major teary-eyed it’s-the-series-finale-and-everyone’s-saying-goodbye vibes. The Legends seeing their varied futures if they retire from time traveling was not only heartwrenching, it had an air of meta-commentary to it. Suggesting that the end of this team/show means the Legends/the actors will have time to devote to their families or pursue new careers, that they wouldn’t have if they remained stuck on the Waverider/Vancouver. I dearly hope the show gets a Season 8, but if they do, then damn this will seem like a cruel tease in hindsight.

I normally find the CW’s website a very well-run and user friendly way to watch these shows. But I do have to say boo on them for showing Mouse with Alice in this episode’s thumbnail, giving away that Alice was probably gonna be hallucinating up a storm. So I knew straight off that the opening things-go-swell-for-Alice parade was all in her head.
As for the ep itself: once again, Mary wins the Is The Best award. From facing her victim’s family, to ship-squeeing over Ryan/Sophie, to going both fully pissed and fully schmaltzy with Alice … I’m not normally one for medical shows, but if they decide to make Mary Hamilton, MD, I would watch.

Question of the Week: With it looking like Superman & Lois will finally give us more info on Bizarro, what’s your favorite take on the Bizarro Superman concept? Do you prefer the sad Frankenstein’s Monster, the childlike doofus, the hulking evil attack dog, the literal opposite who says “goodbye” when he enters and “hello” when he leaves?