The People of Ukraine need HELP

As of February 24th, the nation of Ukraine has been invaded, without provocation, by Russia. While the situation is still in flux in many senses, there is no doubt that the people of Ukraine will suffer greatly in the days and months to come; as thousands flee cities and hide in shelters from Russian bombs. Every indication points to a burgeoning crisis that will have devastating consequences for the nation’s innocent civilians.

In light of this, I have composed a list of charities aimed at helping Ukrainians in their hour of need, collated from postings by reputable sources. Please, if at all possible, donate; and if you are unable to give money, signal boost and repost to spread awareness of how people can help.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, feel free to post other worthy charities in the comments.

International Medical Corps– Currently giving medical aid in Ukraine.

Revived Soldiers Ukraine– Provides medical and living assistance to veterans and others impacted by Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

Sunflower of Peace– Creating and distributing medical kits to civilians in Ukraine.

Nova Ukraine– Awareness and humanitarian aid nonprofit.

The Kyiv Independent-Independent Ukrainian news source, funded through GoFundMe (linked) and Patreon.