American Dad! Season 19, Ep. 5 “Epic Powder Dump”

In which Stan tries to hold on to his memories…

Stan is a person defined by his traumatic childhood. He has a father who abandoned him, and a mother who needed the attention after her husband left. So Stan often attaches himself to good memories as hard as he can. Often to the detriment of himself or those around him, as we see this week.

The family is planning a vacation when Stan interjects and forces everyone to choose his idyllic ski vacation from his childhood. However, upon arrival, the vacation spot of his childhood has been turned into a large ski resort full of giant hotels and a cabin where everyone parties. This does not suit Stan who forces the family to ski at a place that’s later discovered to be a literal garbage dump. Stan also insists that the family stay in a makeshift cabin. However, the family leaves him and heads up to the party.

Stan, skiing alone, eventually gets caught in an avalanche. While losing oxygen, Stan realizes his family vacations were awful because he was poor. Stan is rescued when the family finds his homemade ski in the avalanche. He admits that his childhood vacations were bad but having been forced on bad vacations forced the family to find its own good vacations.

Over in the B-Plot, Klaus falls in love with the tech support girl, Sarah, and tries to track her down after getting disconnected. He enlists Snot’s help (who is at the house after missing Steve). Klaus manages to track her down but misses her. It’s revealed that Sarah is also trying to track Klaus down (even though she figures out he’s a fish) and misses him when he’s out looking for her. It’s a bit of a sweet simple story with almost none of the usual crapping on Klaus that we’re used to seeing.

Stray Observations

  • Jeff gets GI issues from drinking hot tub water
  • Both Jack and Betty Smith return briefly in Stan’s flashbacks.
  • Jack sold Stan’s blood when he was a child.

Thoughts: Decent episode with a few laughs but not treading new ground.