Weekly Video Games Thread Really Likes Your… Footsteps

Happy Monday, folks, and welcome to the Weekly Video Games Thread. And no, our prompt for the week is not about feet or walking. At least, it doesn’t have to be. It’s actually about largely unimportant or tertiary features that you really, really love.

For example, take Twilight Princess. When I first played it in late 2006, I was obsessed with the sounds of Link’s footsteps. I had certainly played games, even other Legend of Zelda games, which gave their characters different footstep sounds for different terrain. And it’s not like this game ever did anything revolutionary with the concept, nor is this feature something that definitively makes the game. But hearing Link walk across plains and grasses and metal and wood just enthralled me. I loved it. And I love plenty of other things about Twilight Princess, but the footsteps have this special feeling for me that still exists to this day.

So what are some things that are the loud footsteps – tiny and largely irrelevant elements that nonetheless vastly improve your experience – for games you’ve played? These don’t even need to be from games you actually like; they just need to be small and positive.

And while you’re here, how was your weekend playing games?