The 2/10 Day Thread…is Light!

A little under twenty years ago, Square Enix released Kingdom Hearts, an action RPG for the PlayStation 2 that had Final Fantasy characters stand alongside those from beloved Disney films. It featured a young boy named Sora who, along with Goofy and Donald, set off to fight the Heartless and save not just his world but every world.

To explain any more of the plot would require a corkboard. The cosmology is bizarre and seems to gain new wrinkles with each iteration — all dozen-plus games spanning nearly as many consoles.

(The Heartless are in fact the darkness inside hearts; Nobodies have no hearts but do have bodies, and even the heart thing is negotiable; Darkness is all bad unless maybe you sort of own it like Riku does; god help me, time travel is a thing.)

Does the story hold up to scrutiny? Does the protagonist have more than three brain cells? Is mashing together one’s intellectual properties like toys on the nursery floor a cynical way to build a franchise?

No! No! Maybe!

But no amount of snark can defeat the game’s overwhelming earnestness. It’s whole vibe is like the dying days of summer, and as soon as my work schedule allows I will be replaying them, wrapped in a blanket of nostalgia, humming along to the theme.

Enjoy your day thread, everybody.