AvocaD&D and Tabletop Gaming: The Nevengers vs Professor Ivory

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This week, I’m breaking down the ultimate healbot, the Life Domain Cleric. If your goal in playing a Cleric is to keep your friends alive, Life Domain is the way to go. You call on the power of your deity first and foremost to heal the sick and injured, but you can still hold your own in a fight.

Your Domain Spells are all of the bread-and-butter Cleric spells, but since they’re automatically prepared each day and don’t count against the number of spells you can prepare, that frees you up to choose some more interesting options from the full list every day. You gain access to following spells when you reach certain levels, beginning with Bless and Cure Wounds at 1st level, then Lesser Restoration and Spiritual Weapon at 3rd, Beacon of Hope and Revivify at 5th, Death Ward and Guardian of Faith at 7th, and Mass Cure Wounds and Raise Dead at 9th level.

Starting at 1st level, you gain proficiency with heavy armor, which should help keep you alive long enough to reach your downed allies and get them on their feet again. You’re also a Disciple of Life, making your healing spells more effective. Whenever you use a spell of 1st level or higher to heal another creature, that creature regains additional hit points equal to 2 plus the level of the spell.

At level 2, you can use your Channel Divinity feature to Preserve Life for you and your allies. As an action, you can restore a total of 5 times your Cleric level in hit points, divided among creatures within 30 feet of you. This can bring a creature back to no more than half of its hit point maximum, and can’t be used on undead or constructs.

When you reach 6th level, you are a Blessed Healer, and healing others also restores your vitality. Whenever you cast a spell of 1st level or higher to restore another creature’s hit points, you also regain hit points equal to 2 plus the spell’s level.

At level 8, you can turn your weapon attack into a Divine Strike. Once per turn, when you hit with a weapon attack, you can deal an extra 1d8 radiant damage to the target. This increases to 2d8 when you reach level 14.

Finally, at 17th level you are capable of Supreme Healing. Whenever you use a spell to restore a creature’s hit points, instead of rolling dice to determine the amount of hit points restored, you can just use the maximum value possible. So, at this level, your 5th level Mass Cure Wounds will heal for 24 (max roll from 3d8) plus your WIS modifier, plus an additional 7 from Disciple of Life to all of the creatures targeted, as well as healing yourself for 7 from Blessed Healer.

We did something a little different last weekend. TheHayesCode ran a one-shot game for the group, where we all made level 20 characters! We played as Neverwinter’s mightiest heroes, the Nevengers, who team up to protect the city from the greatest threats. The evil lich known as Professor Ivory had kidnapped the Mayor of Neverwinter and locked him inside his Cosmic Cube of Confusion. Our heroes had to enter the Cube and save the Mayor before it was too late!

Coming to the rescue were:

  • Trill Silvertongue (Tiefling Valor Bard, Lv20), played by Wafflicious 
  • Abner Negation (Human Abjuration Wizard, Lv20), played by JosephusBrown 
  • The Magpie (Goblin Drunken Master Monk, Lv17/Battle Master Fighter, Lv3), played TheCleverGuy 
  • Vonos the Punctual (Githyanki Undead Warlock, Lv20), played by Spiny Creature
  • Bix Karlea, aka Mulitple Woman (Half-Elf Echo Knight Fighter, Lv20), played by The Wasp
The Nevengers vs Professor Ivory

After jumping into the Cube of Confusion after Professor Ivory, we found ourselves in a what appeared to be a jungle, with a large pyramid structure in front of us. We could see the Mayor tied to an altar at the top of the pyramid, surrounded by evil druids and a huge three-headed dire troll. A little closer to us were a group of wereboar guards. Trill started things off with a Hypnotic Pattern that managed to catch all of the druids and wereboars. The Magpie rushed in to meet the dire troll and hit him with a Stunning Strike, so we effectively shut down all of the enemies in the first round. Bix and her two echoes closed in on the wereboars and Vonos shot Eldritch Blasts at the troll. Abner, noticing that the Mayor hadn’t reacted at all Trill’s Hypnotic Pattern, launched a Fireball into the middle of the group, killing most of the druids and revealing that the Mayor was only an illusion. The Magpie bounced around the map, hitting all of the remaining enemies and killing most of them, though the troll was somehow still standing. Bix and Vonos finished cleaning up the wereboars, and Abner finally took down the troll with a simple Fire Bolt cantrip.

With all the bad guys defeated, another portal opened up and we jumped through into a tavern. In one corner of the bar was a group of demons, and the opposite corner was a group of devils. The bartender, a yugoloth, told us that these two groups came in every night and were constantly fighting. He asked us to try and settle their argument, preferably without destroying the tavern. Trill and Vonos approached the devils, while Bix talked with the demons. After trying to find a way to work out a schedule where each group would get the bar on different nights, Trill eventually hit on the idea of using the infinite outdoor space. With the help of the bartender, we convinced the demons that the outside space was way cooler and they left to take over that area, leaving the devils in peace inside.

With that task compete, we jumped through another portal into Professor Ivory’s lair. The lich had trapped the mayor inside a large green glass tube and was trying to mutate him into some kind of monster. There were a handful of smaller tubes on the sides of the room, and Professor Ivory was flanked by a pair of hill giants he called Goofus and Doofus. Magpie once again rushed in to engage, going straight for the lich. Abner used Reverse Gravity to send Professor Ivory and the two giants crashing up to the 100-foot ceiling, and then slammed them back down to the ground. When the giants got up, one of them threw a huge boulder at Abner, and the other tried to swing his club at Magpie, but Bix’s echo got in the way. The giant took another swing at Magpie, but the goblin ducked out of the way, and the giant’s club crashed into Professor Ivory instead. The tubes on the side of the room started to open up and some strange creatures emerged to join the fight, but Professor Ivory had had enough. After taking a few more punches from Magpie, he teleported away, leaving us to clean up the remaining monsters and get the Mayor out of the machine. Luckily, none of the monsters were much of a match for us–a couple even decided they were better off fleeing! So, we rescued the Mayor, but Professor Ivory managed to escape. But the Nevengers will be ready for him when he tries again!