Musicals Thread (Heartwarming)

Welcome to the Musicals Thread, the Avocado’s space for anything and everything related to musical theatre! Every month I’ll post a discussion prompt, but please feel free to comment on other topics, from new discoveries to old favorites. If you have ideas for future prompts or would like to write a feature for the thread, let me know!

Musicals aren’t always sweetness and hope and happily-ever-afters…but sometimes they are! Whether the characters are granted a hard-won victory or a cute, lighthearted spree, their moments of joy become ours as we visit their world and are reminded of the beauty we’d like to see (and can sometimes even find) in our own. Today, then, let’s look at the power of musical theatre to make us squee, happy-cry, or just plain feel good.

Tateh from Ragtime is one of those characters whose story begins harshly but whose later successes are then all the more moving. An artist and an immigrant beaten down by tenement life, his faith in the promise of American prosperity shattered, he nevertheless perseveres until his creativity and ambition are rewarded. He asserts his own dignity and gradually finds compassion and connection with others. Most touching of all, though, is his love for his young daughter and his drive to protect, provide for, and encourage her. Their first step out of poverty even starts off with a gift he makes for her.

What musical (or character, song, moment, etc.) gives you the warm fuzzies?