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The 2021 Razzie nominations (are awful)

The nominations for the 42nd Golden Raspberry Awards were unveiled today and they are terrible. Some of you might be thinking “Didn’t you already do this?” but that was about the nominating ballot, these are the actual nominees and they’re no better.

-American Siege
-Cosmic Sin
-Midnight in the Switchgrass
-Out of Death
-Survive the Game

Huh, they actually addressed one criticism I had about the nominating ballot, the absence of Bruce Willis despite starring in eight reviled movies. I’m not sure if this was the plan from the start for this to be its own category or if the HeadRazzBerry (actual title) saw that Half in the Bag video on Willis’ recent output and decided to do it so they didn’t look like they were completely negligent. Anyways, I’m rooting for Cosmic Sin because that was the worst movie I watched from 2021.

-Karen (Inadvertent remake of Cruella deVil)
-Space Jam: A New Legacy
-Tom & Jerry
-Twist (Rap rip-off of Oliver Twist)
-The Woman in the Window (Rip-off of Rear Window)

Oh god, they’re still trying to call Karen a Cruella “remake.” Karen looks like it’s more than worthy of scorn, which makes its shoe-horning here even dumber. Unless you’re trying to shoe-horn it into every single category (i.e. Jack & Jill), why even bother with it?

WORST SCREEN COMBO (this category makes me wish I was dead)
-Any klutzy cast member & any lamely lyricized (or choreographed) musical number/Diana: The Musical
-LeBron James & any Warner cartoon character (or Time-Warner product) he dribbles on/Space Jam: A New Legacy
-Jared Leto & either his 17-pound latex face, his geeky clothes, or his ridiculous accent/House of Gucci
-Ben Platt & any other character who acts like Platt singing 24-7 is normal/Dear Evan Hansen
-Tom & Jerry (a.k.a. Itchy & Scratchy)/Tom & Jerry

There’s… there’s… fuck off.

-Diana: The Musical
-The Misfits
-The Woman in the Window

How did The Misfits and Twist get on here? I mean, they’re probably bad but Infinite (one of the dumbest movies from last year and on the nominating ballot for Worst Screenplay) isn’t on here. How did that happen?

-Amy Adams/Dear Evan Hansen
-Sophie Cookson/Infinite
-Erin Davie/Diana: The Musical
-Judy Kaye/Diana: The Musical
-Taryn Manning/Every Last One of Them

The presence of Diana: The Musical on here is baffling. The Razzies basically follow Oscar rules and they pointedly said the filmed version of Hamilton didn’t qualify for the Oscars. So why are the Razzies unleashing a bukkake of nominations for a filmed stage play that everyone forgot about in November? The Razzies were shit from Day 1 but at least the old Worst Picture winners were memorable. Shit like Diana: The Musical (which is almost certainly going to win Worst Picture) and Absolute Proof were basically forgotten very quickly by everyone.

-Ben Affleck/The Last Duel
-Nick Cannon/The Misfits
-Mel Gibson/Dangerous
-Gareth Keegan/Diana: The Musical
-Jared Leto/House of Gucci

This category is somehow worse than the Worst Screen Combo! Ben Affleck gives one of the very best performances of the year in The Last Duel and should be getting Oscar attention. Jared Leto is an awful, awful actor but Ridley Scott actually found the perfect niche for him: a pathetic moron that is nowhere near as talented as he thinks he is. Paulo Gucci was the role Leto was born to play. Dangerous was terrible movie and Mel Gibson is a terrible person but he was actually decent in the movie. I’m not going to shed any tears if Gibson wins because fuck him but I wouldn’t vote for him. I went over how dumb all the nominations for Diana: The Musical are, so let’s get to Nick Cannon. I haven’t seen The Misfits but I’ve heard he’s bad in it. However, nominating him seems ghoulish since he just lost a child. Just… just utter trash.

-Amy Adams/The Woman in the Window
-Jeanna de Waal/Diana: The Musical
-Megan Fox/Midnight in the Switchgrass
-Taryn Manning/Karen
-Ruby Rose/Vanquish

Melody Williams’ absence is baffling. She was in American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally, a terrible, terrible movie and she’s awful in it. Also awful was her real-life boyfriend Swen Temmel (actual name). Both were on the Razzie ballot for Worst Actress, Supporting Actor, and Screen Combo (the only actual couple on the ballot). They were more worthy of being nominated but they were snubbed for a bunch of good performances, fake couples, and performances that shouldn’t have even been considered.

-Scott Eastwood/Dangerous
-Roe Hartrampf/Diana: The Musical
-LeBron James/Space Jam: A New Legacy
-Ben Platt/Dear Evan Hansen
-Mark Wahlberg/Infinite

Genuinely wondering what will happen with this one. Will they go with Harttrampf and do a Diana: The Musical cleansweep? Will they go with James because he’s not a professional actor? Or will they go with Platt because the internet really wants him to win? We’ll have to wait and see.

-Christopher Ashley/Diana: The Musical
-Stephen Chbosky/Dear Evan Hansen
-Coke Daniels/Karen
-Renny Harlin/The Misfits
-Joe Wright/The Woman in the Window

All the nominations for Diana: The Musical are dumb but this nomination is the absolute dumbest. Directing in movies and directing in theater are two very different things and trying to compare them is dumb… so par the course for the Razzies.

-Diana: The Musical
-Space Jam: A New Legacy
-The Woman in the Window

Except for Cosmic Sin, The Woman in the Window was the worst movie I saw from last year and it’s really going to suck when it loses to Diana: The Musical. Really hope Ridley Scott gives them shit for nominating two of his movies.

I end this with a quick note on the Razzie’s forum. The nominations have been up for the whole day and you would think that they would be abuzz in discussing the nominations. Welp, there was one post (under a sea of spambots) and no replies to it. The fact that that forum is dead as fuck gives me life.