Perfecting The Recipe Sunday Food Thread 2/6

Last week Fake Mona Lisa commented,

As much as I love trying new recipes, I think that I should embrace cooking the same thing over again too because they usually turn out better the second time around (what meal has most improved from a second try could be a good topic if that hasn’t been done before).

With that in mind what dishes have taken you multiple times to perfect? For me I recently started making pasta from scratch and tried a few different recipes before settling in to the one I’m sticking with. Most of the others did yield good results but the recipe from Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza and Clazone was so simple I can do it from memory already. It’s a ratio of one cup of flour to one large egg. Add a little water if the dough is dry, flour if it’s wet. Knead once it’s all come together, let it rest at least 45 minutes, then hit that pasta roller (get the water boiling too).