Artist Interview – Drill For Gas

Alicante’s Drill For Gas make an abrasive, driving , rock and roll racket that’s built for dark basements, cheap beer and angry dancing. I caught up with lead singer Maria after a loud and flashy live show in Benidorm for a few questions.

Who are Drill For Gas and how did you get started?

Drill For Gas started three years ago when I was studying arts. For my final project, I had to create four videoart works and decided to add some original music to them.

Such music was created with my boyfriend Luis, a.k.a Truve Taladro, who already had a huge background as a rock, punk and even flamenco musician.

After creating those four songs together, we felt moving towards that direction was the right thing to do, and kept working on more original music.  After a while, we played live and we were super excited with people’s feedback, so Drill for Gas was born and the rest is still to be written.

You have an intense energy live, do you have a routine for getting into “the zone”? 

Thanks for those words. There’s actually nothing special we do before jumping onstage, but we give our all on rehearsals, and when we’re live, it’s even easier and more exciting to unleash and get hyped up and dancing

I saw you play live on the same bill as the tremendous La Gresca Rockandroll, who else have you enjoyed sharing a show with and who would be your dream act to share a poster with? 

We were pleased to share stage with them, and also with Punko Uk at Rockstar Benidorm. They have a great following and we’re truly happy. DFG is at that point right now where we need more gigs so we can reach a wider audience.

We have also played with Fosco and we really enjoyed it and even had a collab on one of their songs. There’s also Betoven un yeyo, Kostranal, Femakiunai, Valiente…etc

We would love to share stage with so many different types of bands. We just hope to keep on showing our work and really enjoy it to the max with everyone.

If you could have one of your songs on a film soundtrack which film maker would be your first choice?

I guess “Quinqui” cinema (Delinquency, street-style characters cinema, a very popular genre here in Spain at the late 70s and 80s) would suit us, with  Carlos Salao behind scenes, but we would also Tarantino, o Julia Ducurnao to name a few. It would be awesome to feature on any horror movie as well.  I get very inspired by other video artists and their clips.

 Do you have any upcoming releases or shows planned? 

We are actually looking forward to booking new shows. Playing live is our main focus at the moment, we have not had as much of that as we’d love to. 

In the meantime we’re always working on new songs and their clips, and we share them on our rrss keep in touch with everyone.

Muchas Gracias