Weekly Games Thread Comes Home

Hey everyone. Your friendly neighborhood Bones here. Hope you’ve had a good weekend. What games are you playing? What do you think of them? And a question:

On Sunday, my partner LibraryLass finished her time in Hades again (with roughly 40 clears and a significant majority of remaining progress achieved) and began her next game: a New Game + replay of Fire Emblem Three Houses in anticipation of the widely anticipated next new Fire Emblem game. Anyone who knows us knows which route she’s playing. Returning to the game has been a special, sentimental experience for us both, especially with considerable hiatuses between now and her original playthrough, and even just between now and my most recent playthrough. She said it felt like returning home, cozy and comforting.

What game feels like home for you?

And lastly, please look forward to Game News Roundup January 2022, coming next Monday on the morning of February 7th. There’s also my latest appearance on the Avocado Gamescast, coming soon, as well more Patreon exclusives and the Bones’ 2021 Games in Review feature, coming in February.