30 Day Pokemon Challenge Day 25: Your Gym Team

This challenge was produced with the help of Cordyceps for the prompts!

Over the course of this month, we’ve talked about favorite Pokemon from each generation, but now let’s start to look more holistically at building a team. In the mainline games, you adventure with a team of six. So today, fresh on the heels of talking about gym leaders, let’s talk about what type you’d like to be a gym leader of, and what your team of six for that type would be! Dual types are welcomed and encouraged, but none of that “Flygon is basically a bug so I want one on my bug team!” because I am a stern Cordyceps (although yes, bug/dragon Flygon should have been a thing). So if you pick bug, make sure all your picks are bug type.

Bonus prompt: I know you have at least one other type you love, so design a secondary gym team for a different type.