The Monday Politics Thread Still Likes the Go-Go Boots

M&M’s characters are getting a new look to become more ‘inclusive’

M&M’s hopes to “create a world where everyone feels they belong and society is inclusive,” one personified candy at a time.

USA Today

The Feminist Self-Help Movement Helped Women Seek Reproductive Care

The feminist self-help movement was born in response to this sexist health care system. Beginning in the 1970s, activists taught themselves to perform gynecological self-exams and at-home abortions. They opened feminist health centers and organized groups to discuss obstacles to their well-being. Now, with the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade approaching next year and accelerated threats to abortion access, the movement is more relevant than ever.

Teen Vogue

Humans do a poor job of calculating risk. That’s terrible for the climate crisis

Humans do a poor job of evaluating climate risk and taking preventative care to avoid the worst, and we are literally paying the price.


Half of first-wave Covid cases may have lasting harm to sense of smell

Early findings in Swedish study show range of chronic olfactory problems in people infected in 2020

The Guardian

Black Native American sculptress honored with USPS stamp

Edmonia Lewis is a pioneering Black and Native American artist from the 1800s

The Grio

More officers were charged in fatal police shootings in 2021. Not everyone sees progress.

A record 21 police officers in the U.S. were charged last year with either murder or manslaughter resulting from an on-duty shooting, according to a database.

NBC News

Peru declares ‘environmental emergency’ after oil spill

Dead seals, fish and birds have washed up on Peru’s shore covered in oil after the spill. A refinery blamed waves caused by the eruption of a volcano in Tonga.

Deutsche Welle

U.S. opposes plans to strengthen World Health Organization

The United States, the World Health Organization’s top donor, is resisting proposals to make the agency more independent, four officials involved in the talks said, raising doubts about the Biden administration’s long-term support for the U.N. agency.


Why a Three-Dose Vaccine for Young Kids Might Actually Work Out

We still don’t know when exactly the shots are coming, but there’s reason to hope that vaccine makers’ current plans are on the right track.

The Atlantic

Prepare to hear a whole lot about ‘action civics,’ the latest issue in education that Republicans are mad about

To conservatives, action civics is another form of left-wing “indoctrination,” similar to their view of critical race theory, the college-level study of racial bias that they believe – despite educators’ denials – has crept into K-12 teaching. And they’re working to keep it out of their classrooms.


Omicron anguish: Cook County records 14,000th COVID-19 death as worst surge wanes — but fatalities rise

While officials say the state has begun bending the curve of the Omicron wave in terms of new infections and hospitalizations, the fatal cases that lag behind them are still piling up at a vicious pace.

Chicago Sun-Times

Amanda Gorman Opens Up About Fear Surrounding Inauguration Performance

“I had insomnia and nightmares, barely ate or drank for days.”

Teen Vogue

Border tragedy warns of new, unfamiliar immigration wrinkle for Canada, U.S.

The discovery of four people who perished in the cold trying to cross the Canada-U.S. border could put a new twist on the immigration debate in the United States.


Study: COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy has Dropped Among Black People

But, in a study from researchers at The Ohio State University, Black people who were initially hesitant about getting the COVID-19 vaccine were more likely than white people to come around to getting the vaccine as the pandemic continued and view it as essential protection, according to Ohio State News.

The Root

The Untold Truth Of Meat Loaf

It didn’t take long for 2022 to show that it was going to be pretty relentless when it came to taking away beloved celebrities, and the first month wasn’t even over when it was announced that another had gone: Meat Loaf. Confirmation of his death came when his family posted on Facebook, says the BBC, and tributes rolled in from everyone from Bonnie Tyler to Brian May and Alice Cooper. (May wrote: “Always full of madness, with the innocent sense of naughtiness of a five-year-old, Meat was forever young,” while Andrew Lloyd Weber proclaimed that “The vaults of heaven will be ringing with rock.”)


Louie Anderson was the ‘token white guy’ in ‘Coming to America.’ And he loved that

The “Baskets” star, who died Friday from cancer complications, was introduced to new audiences when he played a well-meaning employee at the fast-food chain McDowell’s — one who aspired to be an assistant manager because that’s when the “big bucks start rolling in.”

Los Angeles Times

What the fallout from the Supreme Court’s Texas abortion ruling means for the future of Roe

The way the Supreme Court has handled Texas’ ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy signaled that its Roe precedent — a landmark abortion rights decision — does not stand to be fully intact by its 50th anniversary. The fallout from the Texas legal fight has also provided a preview of what abortion access will look like across the country if Roe is dismantled.


Explainer: Who is Yevhen Murayev? What are his political views?

Britain’s foreign ministry said Russia was considering the Ukrainian politician Yevhen Murayev to lead a new government, in comments that Russia has denied. Murayev also poured cold water on the claim in comments to the Observer newspaper.


Sudanese women’s rights activist Amira Osman arrested in raid

UN expresses outrage over the arrest of Osman, citing a ‘pattern of violence against women’s rights activists’ in Sudan.

Al Jazeera

‘The walls are closing in’: Trump reels from week of political setbacks

No single week in the year since Trump left the White House has been as dramatic, or for him as potentially catastrophic, as the one just passed.

The Guardian

Black Lawmakers Walk Out in Protest as Mississippi Senate Votes on Critical Race Theory Bill

One lawmaker called the bill a “solution searching for a problem,” while the state superintendent of education said that critical race theory is not currently taught in Mississippi schools


Progressive Women’s Groups Withdraw Sinema Endorsement After Voting Rights Obstruction

Conservative Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona enraged fellow Democrats yet again after she doubled down on her opposition to filibuster reform at a consequential moment.

Second Nexus

‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Tom Hanks Endorsing The US Administration Video

Doh! In a classic case of life imitating art, the recent White House video narrated by Tom Hanks promoting the achievements of the Biden administration has a parallel: a scene from the 2007 comedy adventure film The Simpsons Movie.


South Dakota governor unveils proposal to ban almost all abortions

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem on Friday unveiled a proposal to ban nearly all abortions, mimicking a Texas law that leaves enforcement up to private citizens through lawsuits instead of through prosecutors and criminal charges.

CBS News

In the Ukraine-Russia crisis, Biden bumps against the limits of U.S. power

The result is an asymmetric crisis. Despite Russia’s denials, Putin’s troop buildup near Ukraine is clearly a threat to invade, but neither the United States nor any other country is willing to use military force in response.

Los Angeles Times

Big Tech Is About to Make Our Terrible Health Care System Even Worse

“It’s like Uber, but for nurses.” Does that scare you? It should. Private hospitals are increasingly teaming up with Silicon Valley to make American health care even more exploitative.


COVID-19: B.C. truckers participate in cross-country ‘freedom convoy’ to protest vaccine mandate

The Canadian Trucking Alliance estimates the federal vaccine requirement could take 10 to 15 per cent — about 12,000 to 16,000 — of truck drivers off the road.

Vancouver Sun

Armenian president resigns saying Constitution doesn’t give him enough influence

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian tendered his resignation on Sunday, saying he believes the country’s constitution does not give him sufficient powers to influence events.


Taliban talks in Norway raise new debate about recognition

A Taliban delegation led by acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi on Sunday started three days of talks in Oslo with Western officials and Afghan civil society representatives amid a deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

AP News

How Does Class Work in the U.S.? It’s Complicated

This op-ed argues that understanding “class” in the U.S. requires dismantling persistent fantasies about how our society functions.

Teen Vogue

U.S. embassy calls for calm, dialogue after brawl in Honduras’ Congress

The United States embassy in Honduras on Saturday called for calm and dialogue after lawmakers brawled in Congress a day earlier amid a dispute over who would head up the legislative body, just days before President-elect Xiomara Castro takes office.


A First-Hand Look At The U.S. Citizenship Process

The immigration process includes years of hurdles to get to citizenship — from the initial application, to getting a green card, needing to legally hold it for three to five years and then actually going through the naturalization process.