Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Wanna Form an Alliance?

New spate of Arrowverse eps this week!

On Legends of Tomorrow we had a reality show parody, as the Legends’ pocket dimension retreat being in Hell comes back to bite them, with the damned souls of a reality TV crew haunting them. This story did a terrific balancing act with its mind control setup: the Legends are being magically compelled to act in hilarious ways, but the reality show stereotypes they turn into are still expressions of their core characters, from Sara’s fun-seeking to Gary’s dweebiness to Nate’s douchebro tendencies to Spooner being in it to win it (win what, she’s not sure). Also, great character showcase for Behrad.

On Batwoman we got an extended Evil Dead homage, which is always fun (shame they didn’t work in a chainsaw). John Diggle returned, apparently as an old friend of Jada Jet’s, dispensing yet more sage advice and once again teasing us with that mystery box that may or may not contain a Green Lantern ring. Oh, and something weird happened with Mary at the end. Not sure what, but both Legends of Tomorrow and Star Trek: Discovery have taught us: spores are magic.

And on Superman & Lois … well, I’m sure something happened, but I haven’t actually gotten around to the latest episode yet. Whoops.

Question of the Week: Which Arrowverse hero would be the first to die in a horror movie?