Comic Book Chat – Saga

Brian K Vaughn and Fiona StaplesSaga returns to comic book shelves on Wednesday, January 26th! It has been a long hiatus but this is a surefire way to kick off 2022 with a bang!

I actually had to call my LCS to see if it was still on my pull list (it was!)

The interstellar love story of Marko and Alana and their daughter Hazel ended on a hell of a cliffhanger. I had this on my pull list from the first issue but I ended up reading the Saga Omnibus thanks to my local library a few summers ago.

Let’s discuss Saga and what the comic means to you. Let’s try to use the spoiler tag for those that haven’t read it yet. I’d like to see this make the jump to live action but I feel its a pipe dream because of the graphic nature of the story. I wouldn’t mind it being an animated cartoon like Invincible.

Have you re-read Saga since the the last issue was released? Have you recommended it to other comic lovers? What comic, in the same vein as Saga, can you recommend?