The Brazilian Gringo Says: “Bem-vindo!”

Fala cados, beleza?

In this new column, I, Ice Cream Planet (aka The Brazilian Gringo), will be talking about miscellaneous works from Brazilian art and pop culture (cinema, television, music, literature, visual arts, etc). The focus is broad and will occasionally include threads about life in Brazil, its rich culture and history, its wild politics, and other topics of interest. Some of the specific pop culture threads will include both Brazilian works and foreign works set in the country.

A bit about me: I was born and raised in the US, lived in the UK for a short period, and found my way to Brazil back in 2019. Been living here for three years now and hopefully I’ll be getting my Brazilian citizenship soon! I’m in São Paulo and couldn’t be happier to call this beautiful and crazy city my home.

For me first post, consider it an AMA/suggestions thread.

What would you like to know about life in Brazil? And are there any specific things (films, series, books, events, etc) that you would like to see covered in this column? Let me know in the comments!

Até breve!

São Paulo at night