The Book Nook Recounts Their Favorite Children’s Books (1/19)

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With A. A. Milne celebrating what would have been his 140th birthday and Winnie the Pooh becoming public domain (the book character, the one with the red shirt you need to pull out of Walt’s cold, frozen fingers) it’s a great time to talk about children’s books.

Children’s books are a great example of how timeless books can be, since if a book is written well enough kids will eat it up, regardless of how old it is. I remember going to the library as a kid and borrowing the Pooh book and just being entranced by it, both due to Milne’s writing (which survived the translation) and E. H. Shepard’s wonderful illustrations. I had borrowed it because of my familiarity with the Disney version, but the figures I read about on the page felt different at first, yet more real somehow. While I couldn’t articulate it at the time, it was one of the many books I read as a child that made me love reading.

So, obviously, I’d love to know what your favorite children’s books are? Let us know!

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