Night Thread of the Lodoss War (1/18)

Record of the Lodoss War was a 1990 13-episode OVA series. It takes place in a Tolkien-esque fantasy setting with elves, dwarves, knights, wizards, and dragons.

Our hero is Parn, the son of a disgraced night who wanders this fantasy setting in part to find out what happened to his father. He is joined by Deedlit, an elf interested in the world outside her kingdom’s borders; Woodchuck, a thief; Ghim, a dwarven warrior; Etoh, a priest; and Slayn, a magician.

If this all sounds a little like characters you would create for an RPG… it is.

Record of the Lodoss War started life as an RPG game using the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rule set. The adventures were recorded and were republished in Japan’s Cintiq magazine. (So likely the “record” in the title is our players recording their sessions.). The articles were incredibly popular features. Most of these were published in the early 90’s, though one was published as recently as October 2020. Was this a reunion during the pandemic or a publishing of a long lost record? I couldn’t find anything about it online.

The Dungeon Master, Ryo Mizuno, went on to publish these adventures in a series of high-fantasy novels. There are seven volumes total with two spin-off books. The first book would form the first eight episodes of the OVA series.

The series has gone one to spawn a sequel anime series (Chronicles of the Heroic Knight), several video games, two parody anime (which are called Welcome to Lodoss Island! and Record of the Lodoss War: Is That Delicious?, where the characters are high schoolers), and — in what can only be seen as coming full circle — its own tabletop role-playing game.