AVoCADo GamesCast #79: Speedrunning the Greek Alphabet: The 2021 Year-End GamesCast

Hey folks! Sorry for the delay, but we’re finally here with the 2021 year-end GamesCast wrap-up, hosted by me, edited by The Kappa, and featuring community members 3rdstringhero, Canadave87, DashboardDough, Dramus18, LittleMac, and Science is Bad. We chat about the 2021 Game Awards, some of the year’s biggest gaming stories, and the year’s best, worst, and most surprising games.

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0:15 – Introduction
3:35 – The Game Awards: Ceremony and Awards
22:20 – The Game Awards: Announcements, Part 1
52:50 – The Game Awards: Project Sonic Watch 2022
53:00 – The Game Awards: Announcements, Part 2
57:15 – Abuse and Labour in the Games Industry
1:08:45 – Epic vs. Apple and Google
1:22:55 – Studio Acquisitions
1:34:55 – Community Top 3: 3rdstringhero
1:39:50 – Community Top 3: Canadave87
1:49:50 – Community Top 3: DashboardDough
1:56:00 – Community Top 3: Dramus18
2:02:35 – Community Top 3: LittleMac
2:11:55 – Community Top 3: Science is Bad
2:22:10 – Merve and The Kappa’s Top Fives
3:22:45 – Worst and Most Disappointing Games of 2021
3:47:15 – Surprises of 2021
3:54:55 – Conclusion

Content warning: Discussions of sexual misconduct