The Weekend Politics Thread Sounds One Note on Sounding Off

Don’t wanna be buried in debt or in sin
So we pray to Jesus and we play the lotto
Cause there ain’t but two ways
We can change tomorrow
And there ain’t no genie
And there ain’t no bottle
So we pray to Jesus and we play the lotto ♫

— OK. Two notes.1 And a quarter to an eighth.2

If your eight-years sober Weekend Politics Thread host learned nothing else across his decades of boozin’, he discovered each shot calls into existence its own chaser. So, yes, Buzzfeed News, “They Fed America During Lockdown. Nearly Two Years Later, Many Grocery Workers Can’t Make Ends Meet.” But, also, Buzzfeed News, “Progressives Won the Minimum Wage Fight.”

Even though attempts to raise the federal floor on hourly pay for U.S. workers keep failing, more than 20 states and dozens of municipalities have reached or commenced the journey toward $15 per. While things suck, they don’t have to suck forever everywhere and for always.

♫ We live in trailers and apartments, too
From California to Kalamazoo ♫

—”Pray to Jesus,” Brandy Clark

Pollyanna don’t play in Peoria, and few people plunge pleasurably into pessimism more precipitously than Uvular his own self. He nevertheless understands each “Looters Raid L.A. Cargo Trains, Leaving Tracks Covered in Damaged Packages” awaits a counterposing “From Decades of Decay to Former Glory—A Look at Ford’s Michigan Central Station Transformation.”

Renewal and rejuvenation recur, even if a lot folks wander wanting or give up the ghost in the interim between scourge and succor. Realize how, viewed from a vantage high enough,3 the ravages of the of the still-raging COVID-19 pandemic polished a silver lining of proving the benefits of direct and universal antipoverty payments, housing-first approaches to homelessness, rent suspensions, loan forgiveness and public health mandates.

Radical right-wingers, death cultists and sheer idiots temporarily succeeded in derailing those desiderata, but the bad guys never win forever. Just think: If the British defeated colonists during the American Revolution. Uvular would speak English. 4 Heaven forfend.

♫ We love to complain about what we can’t fix
Mostly mothers-in-law, traffic, and politics ♫

—The Avocado!

Except, talk leads to action and action produces results. As Americana singer-songwriter Brandy Clark mocks Americans’ (and everyone else’s) propensity to hope against hope, she kids on the square. As she must. As all must.

No one has to believe it gets better all the time. But anyone who surrenders their belief in believing that while things don’t get better, some people do cedes the moral struggle for justice and equity and dignity to im- or amoral bad actors who profit from injustice, inequity and indignities.

Which all make comments below the first step along the path to the brightest future for all humanity. Play the hero. Shitpost. For glory and the greatest good.