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The Avocado Parenting Thread Talks Privacy

Hello fellow parents and caregivers of children!

There are a bunch of new parents here (raises hand) and there are plenty of veteran parents, as well as people who have experience caring or helping to care for children, like teachers, baby-sitters, aunts, and uncles. Coming together will help all of us, whether we need advice, commiseration, or just a space to let it out. Being a caregiver of small humans can be hard, but also rewarding and wonderful, so we can also share in the joys of watching little humans get to be big humans.

This week let’s talk about Privacy.

Somewhat related to last week’s discussion about safety, how much do you worry about privacy? Some of us are careful to keep our children off the interwebs, while some of us have instagram accounts for their every step. How do you balance the desire to share the wonders of your kids with the need to keep them safe and private? Everyone has their own thoughts on this.

(The prompt is also just a suggestion: please feel free to vent or share about whatever you want related to parenting.)