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Adieu – Wednesday Politics Thread

Bonjour Politcadoes!

Please pay attention to how Right Wing lies have been finding eager buyers in Left Wing bubbles too often of late. The objective is always voter suppression.

Far too many have embraced the Republican strategy of spreading propaganda just so they can help along with the destruction of your democracy. If your preferred “information” outlet or social media account consistently pushes Right Wing lies, keeps amplifying writers centering White Male Grievances while encouraging you to tenderly embrace and make primary the fragile feelings of those drinking urine and ingesting sheep dewormer instead of accepting a government-funded and life-saving free vaccine, or encouraging you to eagerly accept Mitch McConnell’s “deals” when his objective has been clearly to halt any form of Progress and to destroy democracy, think it through, maybe it’s now time to cut them loose. You’ve given them enough the benefit of the doubt while they took advantage of you, even if you fell for their last five lies, I promise, you really don’t need to swallow whole their next five lies. Make sure you’re not mistaken for a gullible MAGA and a very useful idiot.

It’s officially mid-term season, and we know by now that Outrage Merchants will hustle their best to fool you. This is their most profitable season, where peddling lies affords them luxury homes in the most privileged, Elite, gated communities. Please pay attention to who you amplify, and moderators, please watch out for those taking advantage of this wonderful community you cherish and seek to protect. This community deserves to be protected from vile anti-Semites, from misogynists, from racists, from rabid anti-Black bigots. Don’t allow repeat offenders to repeatedly take advantage of those under your watchful care.

On a more personal note, it has been almost a full year since I started hosting the Wednesday Politics Thread and it has been quite the experience! I challenged myself to write weekly on current U.S. matters as I see them; some attempts were more successful than others, but I loved every minute of it. Sadly, my schedule will be too hectic in the first few months of 2022, and I will not be able to properly fulfill my Wednesday PT Host duties. It is therefore best that I surrender these duties to anyone willing. Thank you so much for this opportunity, avocadoes, the last few months have been great! I will miss writing in this space but will still visit from time to time in the comment section.

Tout mon amour, Politicadoes!