Weekly Video Games Thread Wants Something to Play Over that Snowscape

Happy Monday, all, and welcome to the first Weekly Video Games Thread of the week.

Over a month ago, I broke out an old chestnut for the prompt and asked people about some of their favorite snow levels. It’s a classic, right? Here’s the follow-up to that which I, for whatever reason, did not use. What are some of your favorite music tracks or themes that played over snow levels? What kinds of pieces do you associate most with icy, wintry environments? Here’s just one example:

Some of the fun of the music dynamically changing is gone, but it’s still that great theme. But it’s far from the only one (the piece was originally going to be “Freezeezy Peak,” but Banjo-Kazooie screenshots aren’t the best for header images). I’ll try to contribute a bunch, but I’m excited to hear everyone’s answers.

Oh… Okay, I can’t help myself. I’ll just add a ton and put them in spoiler tags. That way, if your idea was also my idea, you can still do that and add the YouTube video of that sweet, snowy music without me stepping on your toes. Unless you read this before writing your answer. Perhaps I did not think this idea out fully.

Damn my lack of self-control!
Animal Crossing: New Horizons: “Toy Day – Christmas (Snowy)”
Celeste, literally all of it but particularly “First Step”
Chrono Trigger, “Corridors of Time” (which is technically not for an ice level, just a creepy and emotionally cold place above an ice level)
Dark Souls III, “Champion Gravetender”
Donkey Kong Country, “Ice Cave Chant”
EarthBound Beginnings, “Snowman”
Final Fantasy 6, “Opening”
God of War (2018), “Lullaby of the Giants”
GoldenEye 007, “Surface”
Hitman (2016), “Sitrus Inversus”
Ice Climber, main level theme
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, “Shiver City”
Kirby Air Ride, “Frozen Hillside”
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, “Peppermint Palace”
Kirby’s Epic Yarn, “Mt. Slide”
Mass Effect, “Noveria”
Mega Man, “Ice Man Stage”
Metal Gear Solid, “The Best is Yet to Come”
Metroid Prime, “Phendrana Drifts”
New Pokémon Snap, “Shiver Snowfields (Night)”
Ōkami, “Kamui”
Paper Mario, “Cold Reception in Shiver City”
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, “Hazakura Temple”
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, “Route 217” (the remakes’ version blows it away, too)
Pokémon Sword & Shield, “Circhester”
Resident Evil Village, “Village of Shadows” (another piece that isn’t technically set in a snowy level – rather, a warm house in the snow, that’s a preamble for a game set entirely in a snow climate – but I’m counting it)
Shovel Knight, “A Cool Reception (The Stranded Ship)”
Sonic Unleashed, “Holaska – Cool Edge (Day)”
Super Mario Galaxy, “Freezy Flake Galaxy”
Super Smash Bros. Brawl, “Ice Climber”
UNDERTALE, “Snowdin Town”
Xenoblade Chronicles, “Snowy Valak Mountain (Day)” and “(Night)”
Xenoblade Chronicles 2, “Tantal (Day)”

Of course, we’d also all love to know about your playing habits this week. Tell us, if you’d like!